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China reconnects with Nicaragua and reopens embassy


You are welcome in our Nicaragua […] with the certainty that our two countries have a future ahead of them [rempli] of successes and victoriessaid Foreign Minister Denis Moncada during the opening ceremony, highlighting an act memorable.

China opened its embassy after reestablishing relations with Nicaragua, which abruptly severed relations with Taiwan on December 9, an island Beijing considers part of its territory. Managua now only recognizes one only China led by Beijing.

In 1990, relations between Nicaragua and China were severed by the government of former President Violeta de Chamorro, who chose to recognize Taiwan.

The restoration of relations between Managua and Beijing comes as the United States and the European Union step up sanctions against the government of President Daniel Ortega, elected for a fourth consecutive term on November 7, when his main rivals were imprisoned.

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