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Closure of clinic amid Supreme Court reversal on abortion


The establishment Jackson Women’s Health Organizationnicknamed the pink house because of the color of its walls, carried out its last interventions before the entry into force, Thursday, of a law banning all abortions in this poor and conservative southern state.

It’s a very tough day for us and for Mississippi’s last abortion clinic.tweeted on Pink House Fundwhich collects donations to ensure the functioning of the institution.

It’s our last day fighting against everything and providing abortions where no one else could or would. We are proud of the work donehe added.

The clinic has, despite itself, gained international notoriety by launching the legal proceedings that led, on June 24, to the Supreme Court’s decision to bury the Roe v. Wade who, since 1973, guaranteed the right of American women to have an abortion.

The establishment had indeed filed a complaint against a Mississippi law which reduced the legal deadlines for abortion. The high court, deeply overhauled by Donald Trump, used this file to give each state the freedom to limit or ban abortions on its soil.

Hundreds of kilometers to abort

Thirteen states had anticipated this change and passed laws designed to go into effect immediately.

The Mississippi law, adopted in 2007, carries penalties of up to ten years in prison for violations and only provides for an exception in the event of danger to the life of the mother, but not rape or of incest.

The Pink House had asked local justice to block this law, but the courts refused, leaving it no choice but to close.

With most neighboring states equally anti-abortion, pregnant women in Mississippi who do not wish to continue their pregnancies will have to resort to the abortion pill alone or travel hundreds of miles to have an abortion in Illinois.

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Elsewhere in the country, several other establishments have closed. The Whole Woman’s Health group announced on Wednesday that it was closing its four clinics in Texas to open a new one in the neighboring state of New Mexico.

Missouri’s only clinic in St. Louis, operated by the Planned Parenthood organization, also ceased all procedures on June 23.

Legal battles have delayed the deadline in Louisiana, for example, but eventually access to abortion should disappear in half of the American states.

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