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Consuming less salt could help people with heart failure, study says


After comparing two groups of participants with heart failure, the researchers found consistent improvements for the lower sodium group based on three quality of life assessment tools. They also observed a decrease in the severity of the disease.

However, the researchers found no significant difference when they compared the rates of all-cause death, rates of hospitalization for cardiovascular disease, and rates of emergency room visits for cardiovascular disease of the two groups. ‘study.

The study

As part of the study, researchers followed 806 people with heart failure at 26 medical centers in Canada, the United States, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and New Zealand.

The participants were randomly separated into two groups.

Half continued to receive usual care, while the others received nutritional counseling on how to reduce their dietary salt intake. The target sodium intake was 1,500 milligrams per day, or the equivalent of about two-thirds of a teaspoon.

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Before the study, the patients consumed an average of 2217 mg of salt daily.

After a year of study, the group receiving usual care consumed an average of 2072 mg, while those who received nutritional counseling consumed 1658 mg.

We can no longer make a general recommendation for all patients and say that limiting sodium intake will reduce the risk of death or hospitalization, but I can safely say that it could improve patients’ overall quality of life.says Justin Ezekowitz, co-author of the research and professor in the faculty of medicine and dentistry at the University of Alberta, in a press release.

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