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COVID-19: hope for people who have lost their sense of smell | Coronavirus


At the end of the first two pilot studies, the results are promising: we see that the size of their olfactory bulb, a part of the brain that plays a role in olfaction, increases over the training.can we read on the site of theUQTR.

It’s positive, but we need a third study to confirm what we observed.said the research officer at the laboratory of theUQTRFrank Cloutier, in an interview on the show Live.

The team wants to recruit 105 participants for this new study. Successful candidates are subjected to olfactory training lasting 12 weeks. Recruiting candidates is not a problem, according to Mr. Cloutier. We have a lot of people contacting ushe said.

Frank Cloutier facing a young woman who is blindfolded.

Researcher Frank Cloutier is part of the UQTR team studying the loss of smell linked to COVID-19.

Photo: TurnedNews.com

The first studies began in the winter of 2021, with the constraints specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. We did everything remotely, we sent training kits to people and we could assess people’s olfaction remotely by videoconference, but we were a little limited in thatexplains Frank Cloutier.

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In this third study, what is really interesting is that people will be able to come to UQTR and that will allow us to use more specific tests, he continues. We will have a better picture of olfactory dysfunction in people who have lost their sense of smell.

Vials as well as images of strawberries and lemon.

A group of researchers from UQTR and CIUSSS MCQ are working to find solutions for the loss of smell linked to COVID-19.

Photo: TurnedNews.com

Preliminary results from the pilot project were presented in April at an international conference specializing in olfaction in Florida, hosted by the Association for Chemoreception Sciences, reports theUQTR.

Hope for people with long-term COVID

The face of Normand Provencher.

Oblate Father Normand Provencher lives at the Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-du-Cap, in Trois-Rivieres.

Photo: TurnedNews.com

Since contracting COVID-19 in November 2021, Father Normand Provencher has lost his joie de vivre, in addition to having lost his ability to smell odors.

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I have the reputation of having, what is called, a fine nose. I really like cooking. But even if we live in a community, I feel apart, he says. When we take out a bottle, I taste nothing.

Father Provencher would like to participate in the joint research of UQTR and CIUSSS MCQ to regain a greater taste for life.

With information from Anne Merline Eugène

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