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COVID-19: Macron does not exclude compulsory vaccination in France | Coronavirus


In a pre-recorded interview broadcast on Wednesday by the TF1 and LCI television channels, devoted in part to the defense of the results of his five-year term, the Head of State recalls that more than nine out of ten French people eligible for vaccination already have a complete vaccination schedule .

You know, we are almost there with the vaccination obligation when you have more than 90% of those who need to be vaccinated.

A quote from Emmanuel Macron, President of France

And to remind the some five million French people who have not yet been vaccinated.

This hypothesis exists of course!, he warns, however, in response to a question from journalists on the hypothesis that vaccination against COVID-19 may become mandatory, such as those against tetanus or diphtheria.

The Head of State stresses, however, that, for the moment, the priority is to administer the booster dose to all eligible adults, also suggesting that other boosters will undoubtedly be necessary later to counter the variants of the coronavirus.

The most important thing is that all our compatriots who have already had a dose and an infection or two doses go towards this reminder, insists Emmanuel Macron.

Childhood vaccination is not compulsory

Then, this virus, like all viruses because it is a human form, it adapts, it tries to bypass our barriers and that’s where these new variants have …

These variants can sometimes resist a little better and therefore there you have another type of recall that must be made, which adapts to these variants to counter them. It’s a bit like what we do every year with the flu […].

Asked about the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11, Emmanuel Macron reiterates his opposition to the compulsory nature of vaccination while calling on parents to act responsibly.

I believe that between 5 and 11 years old, […] we gave full transparency, the health authorities explained that it was good, that it would protect, we see that it is a virus that runs a lot in children and therefore I think it is desirable. Afterwards, it’s the parents’ choice, he said.

Recognizing the tired of the French in the face of this never-ending crisis, Emmanuel Macron refuses to comment on the date on which life could return to normal, while promising that the health pass put in place to limit the spread of the epidemic will not would not remain in effect indefinitely.

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