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COVID-19: The mother of a hospitalized baby advises to protect the most vulnerable | COVID-19 in the Atlantic


Wesley, a three-month-old baby boy, slept longer and smiled less than usual, explains the resident of Stephenville, Newfoundland.

Ms Blais says she had a rapid test for COVID-19 which came back positive. Around supper time, her son Wesley was coughing and having difficulty breathing.

Her husband then transported the baby to the emergency department in Stephenville. About 20 minutes after his arrival, says Ms. Blais, the baby was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital in Corner brook. His oxygenation was very low and he had to be treated by a pediatrician.

The little Wesley spent three nights in intensive care, where he received oxygen. Two areas of his lungs infected with the COVID-19 virus were visible on the x-rays.

I felt useless and helpless

While Wesley was in the hospital, Ms. Blais was at home. She still had COVID-19 and was checking in with her son over the phone.

She says today that it is the most difficult and overwhelming time of her life. It was especially painful for her to talk to her husband, Justin, and the doctors without being near her son to see how he was.

I felt useless and helpless, she says.

Wesley was discharged from the hospital on Saturday. He’s being treated with a metered-dose inhaler steroid and has an appointment for more x-rays, his mother says.

The aerosol with a mask is placed on the baby's face.

Kelsey Blais claims her son Wesley has been receiving MDI treatment since being discharged from hospital.

Photo: Courtesy / Kelsey Blais

Ms Blais’ husband has also contracted COVID-19, but not the couple’s other two children, who meanwhile live with their grandparents.

Kelsey Blais was fully vaccinated against COVID-19. She does not know how she could have contracted the disease. She says she hardly goes out, raises her three children under the age of four, and the family does not organize gatherings.

She wants people to understand the effects of this disease. She advises everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and to educate themselves about the disease. Protect the most vulnerable, she says.

This is no ordinary flu, emphasizes Ms. Blais. She says she feels sore like she’s just been in a car accident. She can’t imagine how her son was feeling since he was too young to get the vaccine.

According to a report by Lukas Wall, of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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