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COVID-19: the NHL concerned about the participation of its players in the Olympics


The NHL still does not know what to expect if a player tests positive for COVID-19 in China, which is the length of the possible quarantine and whether or not he may or may not leave the country.

Bettman spoke to the media at the conclusion of the annual meeting of the NHL Board of Governors and noted that concerns are recurring about the disruption of the schedule.

However, he reiterated the NHL’s promise to allow players to participate in the Olympics, which was made during the ratification of the new collective agreement at the dawn of the season shortened by the coronavirus pandemic in 2019-2020.

Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly has clarified the league’s position on a possible withdrawal from the Olympics due to COVID-19. He stressed that the deadline to do so was January 10 in order to avoid financial penalties.

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He added that the Beijing Games organizing committee was due to release an update to the athletes’ specifications last week, but it is still not available.

In addition to COVID-19, Bettman was also questioned on various issues associated with the Olympics, including persistent political tensions between China and the West, human rights and allegations of genocide against the Uighurs.

Ultimately, that will be the players ‘decision, unless the Players’ Association comes to an agreement with us to reverse it, Bettman said. This is the reason why, among all the reasons listed, I am concerned. And much more.

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