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COVID-19: the toll is growing in Shanghai, the city of Beijing on alert | Coronavirus


China, which has been facing its worst epidemic outbreak in two years in recent weeks, has since the beginning of April confined almost all of the 25 million inhabitants of its economic capital Shanghai, the epicenter of the contagion.

The Asian giant, which follows a strict zero COVID-19 strategy, has managed to limit the total death toll to less than 5,000 since the virus appeared in late 2019 in the center of the country. The low mortality is a concern, especially since vaccination rates are low among the oldest.

As for contaminations, they remain below 200,000, if we stick to official figures, which are much lower than international counts.

On Sunday, the metropolis announced the death of 39 people due to COVID-19, bringing the number of deaths since the start of Shanghai’s confinement to at least 87.

This is the heaviest daily toll reported in the city, which had already reported 12 victims the day before.

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Elderly people suffering from pathologies such as hypertension account for the majority of the deaths announced on Sunday, according to the authorities.

Two patients aged 39 and 48, as well as five vaccinated people, are however among the victims.

The only vaccines available in the country are those from local manufacturers.

They offer protection deemed reliable against severe forms of COVID-19, but are deemed to be less effective than many foreign vaccines, according to several studies.

Supplies pass through a checkpoint in the Jing'an district of Shanghai.

Many residents have difficulty obtaining supplies of fresh produce and seeing a doctor.


Shanghai confined since early April

Despite strict containment in Shanghai, nearly 22,000 new positive cases were also recorded on Sunday.

China’s largest city has had nearly half a million cases since early March.

Almost all Shanghainese have been confined to their homes since early April, some individuals have been for much longer.

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Many building entrances have also been sealed, arousing the anger of Internet users after the fire on Saturday in a residential building which did not cause any casualties.

More than a thousand kilometers away, the capital Beijing announced 22 positive cases on Sunday, while authorities warn that urgent measures must be taken to stem the contagion.

The situation is serious, the whole city must act without delayBeijing health official Pang Xinghuo told reporters on Saturday.

Targeted closures have already been imposed in certain neighborhoods where cases have been discovered and schools closed.

The capital also imposes strict control at the entrances to the city. All new arrivals must present a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours.

People coming from areas where only one case of COVID-19 has been reported in the past two weeks are strictly prohibited from entering.

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