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COVID-19: WHO rejects treatments using blood from ex-patients | Coronavirus


These experts strongly recommend not to use convalescent plasma in patients with mild disease, summarizes this opinion published in the British Medical Journal.

They are a little less clear-cut with regard to the severe forms, also pronouncing against the use of blood plasma from ex-patients, but without adding the qualifier strongly.

Plasma treatment was one of the avenues followed since the start of the pandemic to treat patients with COVID-19.

The idea is to take the liquid part of the blood of a cured patient to administer it to patients, in order to transmit the antibodies to fight the virus after an infection.

But this therapeutic avenue has not given convincing results, according to WHO experts, which are based on fifteen clinical trials.

There was no obvious benefit in terms of […] mortality or artificial respiration, they summarize, stressing on the other hand that these treatments are heavy and complex to administer.

Experts do not fully bury this track, however, believing that there are still uncertainties as to its ineffectiveness against severe forms. They are therefore not opposed to the continuation of clinical trials within the framework of the latter.

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