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Crimea: a drone attack against the staff of the Russian fleet leaves six injured | War in Ukraine


This morning, Ukrainian nationalists decided to spoil Russian Fleet Day for us celebrated in Russia on Sunday, wrote the governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvojayev, on Telegram.

However, Ukraine denies having attacked the Russian fleet, qualifying the Russian accusations as deliberate provocationretorted the spokesman for the regional administration of Odessa, Serguiï Bratchouk, also on Telegram.

The liberation of occupied Ukrainian Crimea will happen in another, much more efficient wayhe added.

The toll of the drone attack has risen from five to six wounded, for his part indicated the governor of Sevastopol.

He specified that a drone had landed in the courtyard of the staff of the fleet and reported six injured among the employees of the staff.

Russian Fleet Day falls through in Sevastopol

All festivities related to Russian Fleet Day have been canceled for security reasonsannounced Mr. Razvojayev, asking the inhabitants of Sevastopol not to leave their homes if possible.

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Extensive celebrations are planned for the holiday across Russia, including a naval parade in St. Petersburg, which is to be overseen by President Vladimir Putin.

This is the first time that the Russian authorities have reported such an attack since the start of their offensive in Ukraine on February 24.

In the early days of its offensive against Ukraine, Russia conquered part of southern Ukraine, including the Kherson region, located not far from Crimea annexed in 2014.

In recent weeks, Ukrainian forces have returned to the offensive in the south to retake these lost territories and have had some success.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian strikes partially destroyed an important bridge in Kherson, a city occupied by Russian forces.

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