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Crisis in Lebanon: more than a million children at risk of violence


Lebanon has been going through the worst economic crisis in its history since 2019, its national currency has already lost 90% of its value and four out of five Lebanese now live below the poverty line ofUnited Nations Organization.

One in two children is at risk of physical, psychological or sexual violence, while families struggle to survive due to the worsening crisis in the country.

A quote from Extract from the reportUNICEF

With increasing tensions in homes, closing schools due to pandemic and deteriorating social services, more than one million children in Lebanon are at risk of direct violence, specifies the document.

According to’UNICEF, the number of abused children who are cared for by the agency has increased by 44% in one year, while the number of children affected by poverty has doubled to 1.8 million.

These children are at risk forced labor or marriage to help support their families.

A survey in October showed that 12% of families surveyed had sent at least one child to work, up from 9% six months ago.

Some, aged six, work on farms and on the streets or illegally sell fuel, putting their lives at risk, the report said.

Families, especially Syrians, are desperate to marry their daughters to obtain a dowry in exchange.

Lebanon claims to host more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees who fled the war in their country.

Some families in need abandon their infants on the streets, not to mention the rise in kidnappings for ransom, further indicates the UN agency.

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