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Cryptocurrency integrated into a new version of Samsung Wallet


The Korean giant made the announcement on Tuesday by unveiling a new update to its application, which will now be able to store bank cards, but also cryptocurrency accounts, and even the virtual keys of certain cars and houses.

These options were all already offered by Samsung, but through other apps like SmartThings and Blockchain Wallet. The new version of Samsung Wallet communicates directly with them in order to consolidate all these elements in one place.

The airline Korean Air flights also allows the saving of its plane tickets on the application.

Samsung plans to add some features to the app, including the ability to save IDs and driver’s license. These options had also been announced last February, but no launch date had been advanced.

The unified app will also integrate passwords saved in Samsung Pass. With this new service, Samsung wants to compete with Apple and Google, which offer similar functionality. The new Samsung Wallet is already available on Galaxy phones in the US, UK and Europe.

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