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Cyberattacks: UQTR and Cégep shut down part of their Internet system


Cyber ​​attacks have forced the suspension of several government sites around the world. Those of Quebec and Canada were not spared. As a preventive measure, the Quebec government has demanded the closure of all sites that may have been exposed on the Internet.

The two educational establishments in Trois-Rivières have notably published a notice to this effect on their respective Facebook page.

The spokesperson forUniversity of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, Jean-François Hinse, mentions that a flaw had already been detected on Friday in his systems. A team is currently working to assess the damage that could have been caused. The Cégep de Trois-Rivières indicates that it has closed certain computer systems as a preventive measure only.

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For its part, Hydro-Quebec put the customer space out of use on Saturday due to cyberthreats.

Eric Cairo takes stock

The Minister for Digital Transformation of Quebec also took stock of these preventive closures less than an hour ago.

According to Eric Caire, they were inevitable because the threat was too great: To date, we have no indication that we have been the victim of a successful attack., indicated at a press conference, Éric Caire, Minister responsible for Governmental Digital Transformation and Minister responsible for Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information.

He nevertheless specified that we were facing a 10 out of 10 critical threat. It is now a question of analyzing each site to check if they are using the vulnerable system. If the sites are online, it is because they have been verified, said Cairo.

The Clic Santé vaccination appointment site is, for example, operational.

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Since Friday evening, the Canada Revenue Agency has suspended its online services. The Agency indicates that it has become aware of security invulnerability.

Revenu Québec did the same on Saturday evening.

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