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Dark Souls 3 Servers Disconnected Due To Vulnerability


A security breach allowing to take control of the PC of the players and players of Dark Souls 3 forced FromSoftware, the video game developer, to shut down its servers while it closed the breach.

Internet users were treated to a demonstration of this remote code execution flaw during the live video session of The__Grim__SleeperHave (New window)Have on the Twitch streaming platform.

The game paused, then a computer voice from Microsoft began to criticize the instavideographer’s gaming skills (stream). This one, amazed, then mentioned that a window of PowerShell software, a command interpreter, had just opened by itself.

The hacker seemed to have complete control of the computer, which opens the way to the installation of malware, for example, or to the collection of personal data, if the flaw is exploited by a malicious person.

The Internet user who is at the origin of this intrusion tried to alert the developer FromSoftware of this flaw, in vain, according to the specialized site The Verge, referring to a screenshot published on the SpeedSouls server in the Discord software. This person would therefore have taken drastic measures by using the vulnerability with instavideasts in order to draw attention to the problem.

The tactic paid off: on the Dark Souls Twitter account, it was announced that the PC servers of the three games in the series would be temporarily closed in order to allow the team to investigate recent reports of an issue with online services. Dark Souls fans on Xbox and PlayStation can continue to play online matches of the game.

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The developer did not specify how long the servers will be shut down.

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