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Deadly raids in Yemen in response to rebel attack in the Emirates


After the unprecedented drone attack targeting an industrial zone in Abu Dhabi on Monday, the Saudi-led coalition of which the Emirates is a part has multiplied since Monday evening the retaliatory raids on the capital of Yemen, controlled by the Houthi rebels.

We still continue to search for wounded and martyrs in the rubblesaid this witness, Akram al-Ahdal.

The rebels, for their part, announced the death of General Abdallah Qassem Al-Jounaid, director of the Faculty of Aviation and Air Defense. He has been killed with family membersaccording to their press agency Saba, which denounces a heinous crime committed by the air force of the aggressor [la coalition] who targeted his home on Monday night.

Missiles and drones

The coalition, which has been intervening in Yemen since 2015 in support of the government against the rebels who seized the capital, Sanaa, in particular in 2014, had promised on Monday to retaliate to attack terrorist of the Houthis against the Emirates.

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She thus launched new strikes on Tuesday on Sanaa, saying to aim Houthi camps and headquartersaccording to the Saudi public television channel Al-Ekhbariya.

Two armed men posted in front of a gate in the town of Ataq.

Yemeni pro-government security forces stand guard in the town of Ataq, capital of the southeastern province of Shabwa.

Photo: AFP / Saleh Al-Obeidi

After having sentenced the day before the Houthi rebels’ attack on the Emirates, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres deplores the recent airstrikes in Sanaa […] which caused numerous civilian casualtieshis spokesman said on Tuesday, adding that he reminds all parties of their obligations […] to protect civilians.

The Houthis claimed on their Al-Massira channel on Monday to have targeted important and sensitive Emirati facilities and sites using ballistic missiles and drones.

In Abu Dhabi, three tank trucks exploded near storage tanks of the oil company of Abu Dhabi, leading to the death of two Indian nationals and a Pakistani, according to the official Emirati agency WAM which reported six injuries.

The rebel attack has opened a new front in the war in Yemen and further dampened hopes for a settlement.

The conflict has left 377,000 dead, according to the UN, direct and indirect victims of a war that has lasted for more than seven years and has displaced millions of people in what was already the poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula. .

There is no end in sight for the war in YemenElisabeth Kendall, a specialist researcher at the British University of Oxford, told AFP.

On the contrary, the conflict is intensifying and new fronts are opening up, both at the national level and now at the regional level.she observes.

International condemnation

The Yemeni rebels’ attack on the Emirates has been condemned abroad, including by the United Kingdom, France and the European Union, while the United States has promised to make accountable to the insurgents.

These attacks threaten the security of the United Arab Emirates and regional stability.said French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The Emirates on Tuesday called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council and a firm and unequivocal condemnation of these terrorist attacks.

The attack on Abu Dhabi follows an upsurge in fighting in Yemen, where the United Arab Emirates-trained Giants Brigade made advances, driving rebels out of southern Chabwa province.

The setback dealt a blow to a campaign launched months ago by the Houthis to take control of Marib, the capital of the neighboring province and the last government stronghold in largely rebel-held northern Yemen.

Earlier this month, the Houthis seized a boat flying the flag of the United Arab Emirates in the Red Sea, which they said was carrying military equipment, a claim disputed by the coalition and Abu Dhabi.

The 11 crew members, including seven Indian nationals, are still being held hostage.

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