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Death of George Floyd: a policeman invokes the lack of experience


Alexander Kueng, 28, has been testifying since Wednesday in federal court in Saint Paul, in the northern United States, where he is on trial with two former colleagues for his role in this drama.

He is accused of not having intervened, on May 25, 2020, to prevent his colleague Derek Chauvin from asphyxiating the black man in his forties and of not having provided him with treatment despite the apparent signs of medical distress.

At the helm, this young Métis man insisted on his lack of experience and on the authority of Derek Chauvin, who is serving a 22 and a half year prison sentence for this murder at the heart of giant demonstrations against racism.

Alexander Kueng recalled that he was recruited in January 2020 by the Minneapolis police and remained an intern for almost five months, half of which spent under the supervision of Derek Chauvin. He was respected, the other officers listened to himhe told jurors.

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On the day of the tragedy, he was on his third patrol as a sworn agent, in pairs with another beginner, Thomas Lane. Since we were new, we were put together, because nobody wanted to work with usdid he declare.

A mural with the face of George Floyd and bearing the inscription “I can't breathe.  I want justice”.

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020 sent shock waves around the world.

Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Called by a trader who suspected George Floyd of having sold a counterfeit note, the duo had failed to arrest this man of imposing stature and erratic behavior.

When Derek Chauvin had arrived as reinforcements with another police officer, Alexander Kueng had thought to be doing wrong and let him take control of the situation. It is always the most experienced agent who is in chargehe assured.

The agents then tackled the African-American to the ground, handcuffed. Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck, Alexander Kueng was positioned on his lower back, Thomas Lane blocked his legs, while the fourth policeman, Tou Thao, held passers-by at a distance.

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They stayed like that for nearly ten minutes despite George Floyd gasping, fainting, and Alexander Kueng failing to find his pulse.

Thomas Lane had suggested turning George Floyd on the flank, but had not obtained an answer from Derek Chauvin.

Alexander Kueng admitted not having questioned this decision. He was my boss and I trusted his advice.he reiterated.

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