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Demonstration in support of the people of Mali in Sherbrooke


The African country faces severe economic sanctions, such as the closure of its borders or the freezing of Mali’s assets. These are penalties deemed unfair, even illegal, by the Malian community of Sherbrooke.

It is these illegitimate sanctions which are only there to asphyxiate the Malian people that we denounce today. »

A quote from Kalifa Goïta, member of the Malian Association of Sherbrooke

Kalifa Goïta, member of the Malian Association of Sherbrooke, maintains that it is the population who will suffer the most from these sanctions.

It is the people who suffer, it is not the leaders who will suffer. We have relatives who live there in total precariousness, what we must not forget is that Mali has been fighting against terrorism for almost 10 years and it affects the whole country.underlines Kalifa Goïta.

Canada’s role in resolving the crisis

The Malian Association of Sherbrooke maintains that Canada can play a key role in defusing this crisis.

People hold signs in support of Mali.

The demonstrators are calling for Canada’s intervention to resolve the impasse in Mali.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / André Vuillemin

Canada is known internationally for its humanitarian values, it is a country that stands up for social justice and in this sense, we believe that Canada should not support sanctions against a poor people like that of Mali.claims Kalifa Goïta.

The Sherbrooke Association is therefore asking Canada to dissociate itself from the member countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which imposed these sanctions following the postponement of the elections to 2026 in this country. China and Russia, for their part, opposed these sanctions against Mali.

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