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Derek Chauvin pleads guilty to violating George Floyd’s constitutional rights


Among the charges against Derek Chauvin, it was alleged that the police officer had deprived Mr. Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American, of his rights by kneeling on his neck, while the latter did not resist his arrest. that he was handcuffed and suffocated.

It was also alleged that the police officer had failed to provide him with medical treatment.

For Derek Chauvin, the fact of having pleaded guilty will likely prolong his imprisonment, but it will prevent him from having to stand a new trial.

Judge Paul Magnuson has not set a sentencing date.

Derek Chauvin had never before admitted his wrongs in the death of George Floyd, a drama that had given rise to the largest anti-racist protests in decades in the United States.

Derek Chauvin's forensic photo.

Ex-policeman Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd in April 2021.

Photo: Reuters / Minnesota Department of Corrections / Handout

Last June, the ex-Minneapolis police officer was sentenced to 22 years in jail after being convicted of all three charges against him: second degree murder, third degree murder and homicide. involuntary.

Mr. Floyd was killed in May 2020 during a violent arrest filmed by a passerby using her cell phone.

Like Derek Chauvin, three other police officers face charges under federal law in connection with the death of George Floyd. Their trial is due to take place next January. They will also have to stand trial in a court of first instance in March, this time for complicity.

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