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Disasters: Hurricane Ida and floods inflated the bill in 2021


The company’s annual report pinpoints economic losses from natural disasters at US $ 280 billion, making 2021 the fourth costliest year after 2011, when an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.

Insured losses totaled US $ 120 billion in 2021, the second highest bill after 2017, when Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria wreaked havoc in America, according to Munich Re.

More than a third of insured losses last year were caused by Ida (US $ 36 billion) and flooding in western Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands (US $ 13 billion).

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Hurricane Ida caused extensive damage in the United States last year.


The company warned that studies show a link between global warming and natural disasters.

Research is increasingly showing that extreme weather events are more and more likely, he said. Societies urgently need to adapt to climate threats and prioritize climate protection.

Mr. Jeworrek stressed that the climate is not responsible for all natural disasters, citing the example of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that struck last year.

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