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Discovering art video games


In recent years, video games have increasingly been considered as an object of art. It also becomes a medium, just like a canvas for a painting or clay for a sculpture. People increasingly see video games as a mode of expressionexplains Émile Beauchemin, curator of Mois multi. That’s what I want to put forward. They are everywhere.

The objective of the art video game is not to win, score or beat an enemy. What is the purpose then? Simply art. It’s games with slightly more aesthetic pursuits.

A sunset over a sea in a virtual world.

An image of the game “Têtard au plus” presented at Mois multi.

Photo: Mois Multi / Collectif Tôle

These games offer unique, sometimes unreal universes where the rules of physics can be broken. The idea is to create games that are aesthetic experiences and new experiences that go a little against what a video game is generally.says Mr. Beauchemin.

Video games at the Beaux-Arts

One of the video games programmed by Mois multi is Mist, by French artist and developer Robin Moretti. His game invites the participant to discover a world under the fog.

It’s an idea that he began to develop when he was a student at the École Supérieure d’Art in Aix-en-Provence. This establishment offers a digital art course and proposes the code as an artistic medium.

For Robin Moretti, this discovery was a revelation. I’m part of this generation that grew up with video games. The codes of this technology are quite natural for him. The 3D world and the first person view is something that we integratedadds the one who also studied the classical arts.

Video games are now his medium of choice. He produced three versions of Mist.

When he was little, he wanted to become a video game designer. And finally, by doing Fine Arts, I managed to do what I wanted!

From theater to video games

Le Mois multi wanted to present at least one Quebec art video game. Tadpole at mostby the collective Tôle, from Montreal, will be presented for the first time by participants during the event.

Maxime Brillon, artist and producer of the collective, comes from the world of theatre. Basically, the work was an audio book that had been deposited on the platform band camp. In order to energize the listening session in front of an audience, Mr. Brillon had the idea of ​​creating a game and projecting it on a screen.

I had no coding background. »

A quote from Maxime Brillon, artist and producer of the Tôle collective

Tadpole at most is his first game. I learned a bit on the job. I found myself liking it more than I thought.

A young girl sitting on a swing hanging from a tree branch.

An image from the game “Missing”

Photo: Mois Multi / Flying Robot Studios

The artist compares the experience to a walk in the forest with a pair of headphones or a visit to a museum. It is contemplative. In the game, the emphasis is on listening and not on doingadds Maxime Brillon.

In this game, the participant is on an island which is discovered throughout the story. The game lasts about an hour.

A socially engaged game

The third game offered by the multidisciplinary event was created by the Indian studios Flying Robot. Designed for ages 17 and up, missing deals with human trafficking.

The player is in the skin of a missing person. The artists wanted to raise awareness of these horrors experienced by thousands of girls and women each year.

The three video games will be available from February 9 to 27 at Espace 400e.

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