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Discussions between Taliban and Western countries in Norway


The Islamic Emirate (the name given by the Taliban to their regime) has taken steps to meet the demands of the Western world and we hope to strengthen our diplomatic relations with all countries, including European countries and the West in general., explained Zabihullah Mujahid.

The Taliban, in power since August after their lightning conquest of the country, want change the warrior atmosphere […] in a peaceful situation, he added.

If no country has yet recognized the Taliban government, discussions should open in Oslo on Sunday between the new masters of Afghanistan and Western diplomats.

A Taliban delegation is due to meet Norwegian authorities and representatives of other allied countries, including the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and the European Union (EU).

Respect for human rights, in particular those of women, set up as a condition for a possible return of international aid which financed 80% of the Afghan budget, will be at the center of these talks, as the country is mired in a deep crisis. humanitarian.

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The discussions, which are due to last until Tuesday, do not constitute legitimization or recognition of the Taliban, insisted on Friday the head of Norwegian diplomacy, Anniken Huitfeldt.

But we have to talk to the authorities who de facto run the country. We cannot allow the political situation to lead to an even greater humanitarian disaster, she pointed out.

Since August, the international aid that carried Afghanistan at arm’s length has been cut off and the United States has also frozen $9.5 billion in Afghan Central Bank assets.

Unemployment has skyrocketed and civil servants’ salaries have not been paid for months. In the country, already ravaged by severe droughts, famine now threatens 23 million Afghans, or 55% of the population, according to the UN.

In Oslo, the Taliban must also meet members of Afghan civil society, including feminist activists and journalists.

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Since coming to power, women have been largely excluded from government jobs and secondary schools for girls mostly remain closed.

These talks were condemned by the National Resistance Front (FNR), an opposition group that continues to resist Islamist fundamentalists.

They risk to normalize a terrorist group and make it the representative of Afghanistan, estimated Friday on Twitter Ali Maisam Nazary, the delegate for foreign affairs of the FNR.

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