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Do seltzer use nutrition as a weapon of influence?


Are the seltzer use nutrition as a weapon of influence?

Different brands of seltzer in a grocery store.

The supply of seltzers has been increasing for the past year.PHOTO: TurnedNews.com / The grocery store

Sparkling alcoholic drinks, better known by their English name seltzers, are slowly becoming extremely popular. At the Société des alcools du Québec, between 2019 and 2021, sales of this product increased by 500%. There are all kinds: with vodka, distilled like beer, or even like wine diluted with sparkling water. According to nutritionist Bernard Lavallée, the problem is that these drinks rely on health and nutrition to indirectly attract people.

The message it sends is that you have the right not to feel guilty about drinking alcohol, because it’s low in calories, it’s low in sugar… Conversely, it is say you should feel guilty if you drink anything else. That bothers me.

A quote from

Bernard Lavallee

The expert explains to us what are the marketing strategies used by the companies which market these products and why it can become dangerous for health.

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