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do you need to get a booster dose?


As the Direction générale de la santé publique du Québec confirms that the province has entered a seventh wave of COVID-19, should we get vaccinated again? It all depends on their level of vulnerability and risk tolerance, according to microbiologist-infectiologist Caroline Quach.

She specifies that a person under the age of 60, who is in good health and who has already received a booster dose, in addition to having been infected with COVID-19 in recent weeks, would not have advantage of getting vaccinated right away. But, as the virus is actively circulating in the community, vulnerable people should receive their fourth dose right away.

Caroline Quach nevertheless emphasizes that there is no disadvantage in getting vaccinated earlier if a non-vulnerable person fears contracting the virus, during a trip, for example.

The microbiologist-infectiologist explains why it would be difficult, in her opinion, to impose health restrictions on the population again.

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