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Dozens of victims found in a mass grave near kyiv | War in Ukraine


Taras Didych, who heads the Dmytrivka territorial community of which Bouzova is a part, told Ukrainian television that bodies were found in a ditch near a gas station. The death toll has not yet been confirmed.

Local media reported earlier this month that victims had been found in Bouzova and its surroundings, indicating that nearly 30 bodies had been recovered by then. Reuters was unable to confirm this information.

While Russian forces were engaged in an offensive against kyiv during the first weeks of the invasion, a number of towns around the capital, such as Makariv, Boutcha, Irpin or Dmytrivka, remained under constant fire from the Russian troops.

We come back to life, but during the occupation we had our “sensitive areas” and many civilians diedsaid Taras Didytch.

With most towns and villages around Kyiv having been recaptured, the findings of mass graves and civilian casualties sparked a wave of international condemnation, particularly after the bodies of civilians were found strewn across the streets of the northern town of Boutcha. -west of the capital.

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Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said on Saturday that while the threat to kyiv had receded, Ukraine was preparing for an uphill battle against Russian forces in the east of the country.

Humanitarian corridors and bombardments in the east

Evacuation efforts are continuing in the western regions of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said Sunday that Kyiv has authorized nine humanitarian corridors to be used to allow civilians to flee from combat zones in eastern Ukraine.

All routes of the humanitarian corridors in the Luhansk region will work as long as there is a ceasefire from the Russian occupation troopsshe said on Telegram messaging.

On Saturday, some 4,500 people were able to flee to the west thanks to a dozen humanitarian corridors.

The governor of the Lugansk region, Serhiy Gaidai, for his part denounced the bombardments which hit a school and a residential building in Sievierodonetsk. Fortunately, no casualtieshowever, said Mr. Gaidai on Telegram.

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