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Drake searched over 350 million times on Shazam


It is on the occasion of this 20th anniversary that Apple unveiled the data (New window) summarizing the usage history of its popular application.

These data reveal that Drake’s songs have been searched for more than 350 million times. one dance has been played 17 million times, making it its most popular title on Shazam.

These 17 million searches are however far from the record of 41 million, held by the song Dance Monkey, by Tones and I.

Other statistics allow us to remember certain classics of the past, while Shape of You, by Ed Sheeran, holds the record for the fastest song to reach 10 million searches, in 87 days. The first title to reach this plateau was Somebody That I Used to Knowfrom Gotye, in December 2012.

Jeepsterby T. Rex, was the first song searched for on Shazam, in April 2002.

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