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Drink your tea without fear of poisoning yourself


The food we ingest never comes alone: ​​particles, residues and other chemical compounds invite themselves during our tasting. Evelyne Charuest and Stéphane Garneau sought to better understand the effect, harmful or not, of these foreign bodies when preparing an infusion, whether tea or herbal tea.

Patented in 1901 by two women, the tea bag was originally used for carrying leaves. This sachet saw its function change when a small pocket was immersed by mistake in hot water. The individual infusion was born!

Evelyne Charuest explains that nylon bags are to be avoided, since this compound would promote the spread of nanoplastics. She says it’s just a precautionary measure. The effect of these on human health is unknown at this time.

Furthermore, those who would like to turn to paper bags should avoid those that have been bleached because they contain dangerous compounds.

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For a hot drink that doesn’t give you cold sweats, nothing better than the little metal egg or the stainless steel basket, after all.

In closing, Stéphane Garneau notes that the best way to limit the presence of heavy metals in your infusion as much as possible would be to use certified organic products.

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