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Dusty video games that could be worth a small fortune


Do you have an old video game console gathering dust in the back of your basement? Maybe you should take it out again: you could make yourself a few dollars!

Frédérick Dunn is a video game enthusiast and owner of the company Tee not gameone of the weekend exhibitors at Steel City NerdCon in Sault Ste. Marie, Northern Ontario.

According to him, even if the first Nintendo console (NES) still has a good number of followers, even slightly newer consoles like Nintendo 64, XBOX, Sony PlayStation PS2 or Nintendo DS are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. .

There are many requests for the 3DS, which has been discontinued by Nintendo. People try to search for titles in physics, to continue playing these games.


A quote from

Frédéric Dunn, owner of the company Té pas game

On top of a bookcase rest the boxes of two Nintendo consoles as well as accessories.

Your old retro game consoles still have value. Especially the Nintendo ones which can still sell for over $50.

Adam Lefloic Lebel

rare pearl

This is the first time that Frédérick Dunn has ventured into the Sault-Sainte-Marie region with his company.

He intends to judge customer requests and try to convince them in the longer term to order their games with him by mail order.

Even after all these years in the business, the passionate businessman is still looking for the rare pearl to expand his collection.

His collector’s fantasy?

It would be to find a game that is hard to find and worth a fortune, like Stadium Events, a Nintendo game produced in very few copies. It’s a more or less good game, a sports game. It’s a game that a copy, minus the box, is worth around $20,000.

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