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Elden Ring arrives, with the father of Game of Thrones as a guest


First announced almost three years ago, this action role-playing game was highly anticipated and received the most rave reviews.

Its main character, the Tarnished (the disgraced), must travel the land between the two (Lands Between) and find the fragments of a ring (Elden Ring) that will allow him to become its lord.

The creator of the game is Hidetaka Miyazaki, also the father of Demon’s Soul and of the three Dark Souls installments, which have sold more than 27 million copies worldwide, and the president of the designer studio, FromSoftware.

Author of the literary saga A Song of Ice and Firewhich served as the basis for the television series Game Of ThronesGeorge R. R. Martin tried to breathe humanity and a dramatic dimension into the characters, according to what the publisher of the game, the Japanese house Bandai Namco, said.

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A difficult game

Despite its richly detailed scenery, playability and fluidity, Elden Ring retains some of the aspects that created a circle of devotees around Souls episodes, including its difficulty.

Some battles can last, and it often takes multiple deaths to identify an opponent’s flaws and ultimately defeat them.

Satisfaction comes from the ability to hold on to the end, like running a marathon, explains Matt Piscatella, analyst at NPD. It’s a different mindset than a lot of games.

Maybe this is the one that will really stand out and become a worldwide success, says the analyst. Dark Souls is considered a more limited audience series.

But it remains, basically, a game that requires a lot of time and investment.he warns.

Asked by AFP, Bandai Namco did not wish to communicate download figures for the game, offered on consoles and PC, before its official launch.

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