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Electronic sport: 100% female leagues fully assumed


This segmentation must be created in order to then encourage diversity. I don’t see any other way to do it than to take the opposite viewsays Poachimpa [nom d’alias]semi-professional player of Rocket Leaguea video game that combines two archetypes of masculinity: soccer and cars.

Kayane, specialist in fighting games, Scarlett, Canadian player of Starcraft IIor even Karma, champion of Rocket League… Against the men, only a handful of players have managed to forge a record in major competitions.

We count them on the fingers of one hand, or two, deplores Servane Fischer, of Women in Games. According to this association, which works for more diversity in the video game industry, women represent only 6% of people who engage in electronic sports.

hostile environment

Main barrier: ambient sexism and cyberbullying, of which they are victims and which deters more than one.

Insults, I still live every day. One out of three games, I get insulted. It plays on morale and it doesn’t make you want to play too muchtestifies Servane Fischer.

To escape this, more and more players prefer to participate in competitions reserved for women.

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In electronic sports, it can be said without problem that men and women are equal since there is no need for any particular physical ability.analyzes Clément Coupart, alias Rasmelthor.

But it is an environment extremely hostile to women. It has always been a very masculine environment and some have difficulty with the intrusion of women into their sanctuary.

Last season, he took charge of a women’s team from Rocket League within Atlantide Wave, a French electronic sports organization. They play in WCBC, a women’s championship supported by Psyonix, the game’s publisher.

The level is certainly lower than that of the RLCS, the classic circuit, but for him, the advantage of having a competition like that is also the representativeness.

Because electronic sport comes up against a vicious circle: as few women are present at the top level, few women think they have their place there, and therefore there are very few at the top level…

It will take time to create models which will then create other models for womencontinues Poachimpa. By forcing representation, we will normalize the fact that there are women who play.

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For her teammate at Atlantide Wave, Amphirae, these parallel competitions are necessary: You have to go through women’s competitions so that other women want to playshe believes.

Other players in the sector are also taking part in this movement.

Recognizing that esports can be challenging for women, Riot Games created a women’s circuit for the shooter. Valorant to provide an environment in which everyone can compete in perfect safetyexplains the American publisher.

Waiting for the mix

Goal : Create new opportunities and give more visibility to women and other marginalized genders.

But for all those who participate, the goal of these leagues is that they end up becoming useless.

Women’s tournaments, when there is real sincerity in the approach, it’s a good thing, but it must remain temporarybelieves Servane Fischer.

The idea is to progress so that you can then play mixedexplains Rasmelthor.

Eventually, I think we’ll get there.wants to believe Amphirae.

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