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Elementary Schools Need Rapid Tests, Experts Say | Coronavirus: Ontario


These tests would be offered to asymptomatic students who want them and who are not fully vaccinated, says the Ontario Scientific Advisory Group to fight COVID-19.

The goal: to identify infected students before it leads to outbreaks requiring the suspension of classes in a classroom or the closure of a school.

According to Thursday’s provincial report, 280 schools have an outbreak, including 255 elementary schools. This is unheard of since the start of the pandemic.

Ontario is rolling out every test we receive from the federal government, for which Minister Elliott wrote to her federal counterpart Minister Duclos last week about the limited number of rapid tests approved by Health Canada., says Ms. Hilkene.

For its part, the office of Education Minister Stephen Lecce says the province has already offered to provide local public health units with more antigen testing, if they so desire.

For its part, the official NDP opposition is once again calling on the government to distribute rapid tests free of charge to all Ontarians who want them, whether to visit a loved one or to go shopping in a crowded shopping center. Doug Ford must stop playing dice with public health issues, says NDP MP Catherine Fife.

Experts from the Advisory Group say that antigen tests, which have a greater margin of error than PCR tests, are still useful in the case of the Delta variant, because its viral load would be present before symptoms appear. .

For its part, Quebec announced Thursday morning that it would distribute rapid tests in its elementary schools starting this week.

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