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Embracer launches video game preservation


Imagine a place where all physical video games, consoles and accessories are in one place. And think about what all this could mean for gaming culture and enabling video game research.can we read on the site of the Embracer group, as an introduction to the Embracer Games Archive.

The objective of the group, formerly called THQ Nordic, is to save the video game industry as much as possible.

So far, 50,000 games, consoles and accessories related to the video game industry are kept in a safe in Sweden, where the company’s headquarters are located. A team consisting of a CEO, but also an archivist and a technical engineer, among others, has been put together specifically for the Embracer Games Archive. Curious people can also follow his work on the YouTube channel of the Embracer group.

Towards public access

Still in its infancy, the Embracer Games Archive has not released the archives to the public. However, the creation of a database of the collection which would be accessible for journalists and academics, but also for museums is in the cards. The company also aims to show its collection of video games, particularly in traveling exhibitions.

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Several video game archiving initiatives already exist, most often at the initiative of the public. Let us think in particular of the Internet Archive, which, through a collective effort led by Internet users, managed to preserve a number of video games based on Flash, before the disappearance of the software in January 2021. Museums also have the mission of preserving video games. , such as The Strong Museum, in the United States, also responsible for the Video Game Hall of Fame.

Embracer Group contains a rich catalog of video games, in particular due to its acquisitions, for example that of Gearbox studios and, more recently, that of the North American studios of Square Enix, which develop series like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex.

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