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End of the mandatory mask in public transport


It’s going very well , says the bus driver, Jacques Bégin. The latter noticed that not all passengers were informed of the lifting of this obligation. I let them know. It’s going well. Everyone is very happy. Finally! We see smiles!

If the end of the wearing of the compulsory mask in public transport delights many, the fact remains that some keep this accessory nearby. Now we are relaxing a little, but we must also make our arrangements, explains Moïse Kouassi. If I see that I have the flu, I want to put on my mask so that I don’t spread the flu to others.

I was for the mask. I’m one of those people who likes things to be clean, who likes to wash their hands every time, so I was stressed at first. I felt safer with the mask on. »

A quote from Ketura Delbe

“It feels good,” says Lise Lessard, who is delighted with the lifting of this measure.

Photo: TurnedNews.com / Yannick Cournoyer

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