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Entangled in his lies, the conspirator Alex Jones changes his speech at his trial


Speaking the day after the testimony of the parents of a boy murdered during the 2012 massacre, the host of InfoWars assured before judge and jury that the attack had indeed taken place, contrary to what he had previously claimed.

Alex Jones has been sued for several years by parents of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newton, Connecticut, for claiming that the massacre was a stage set up by opponents of the fire arms.

The massacre killed 26 people, six adults and 20 children.

For the parents of Jesse Lewis, one of the young victims, the conspirator’s apologies are not enough. They are seeking at least $150 million in compensation for defamation and intentionally inflicted emotional distress in a Texas court where the trial is now taking place.

Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis have testified to the suffering, death threats and harassment they have endured since the conspirator’s remarks were broadcast on his media platforms.

Their account changed the discourse of the accused, who took responsibility for his lies about the massacre.%”,”text”:”Especially since I met the parents. It’s 100% true”}}”>Especially since I met the parents. It’s 100% trueconceded the accused, a known figure on the far right and follower of several conspiracy theories.

Alex Jones assured that he had long wanted to apologize to the complainants.

lies under oath

When his lawyer asked him if he now understood that he was absolutely irresponsible to believe that the massacre had not taken place and that no one had died, the defendant replied in the affirmative, adding however this: They [les médias] don’t let me go back.

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Alex Jones also complained of being typecast as someone who runs around talking about Sandy Hook, who makes money off Sandy Hook, who is obsessed with Sandy Hook.

Cross-examination by attorney Mark Bankston led the defendant to admit to other conspiracy allegations, including the Oklahoma City and Boston Marathon bombings, as well as the mass shootings from Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida.

In addition, Me Bankston demonstrated that the conspiracy theories of Alex Jones also targeted the trial itself, denigrated on the InfoWars site.

Thanks to leaked information inadvertently passed on by the opposing side, the attorney argues that Alex Jones failed to comply with court orders to provide texts and emails for pre-trial evidence gathering , to which the accused replied: I’m not a tech savvy guy.

Did you know that 12 days ago your lawyers made a mistake and sent me a digital copy of your entire cell phone with all the texts you’ve sent in the past two years? »

A quote from Mark Bankston, lawyer for Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose son was killed

The lawyer for Jesse Lewis’s parents also showed the court an email from an InfoWars sales executive who informed Alex Jones that the company had made $800,000 gross selling its products in a single day, which would amount to nearly 300 million dollars in one year.

The jury must consider whether Alex Jones and his company will have to pay punitive damages to the plaintiffs.

Insolvency organization?

When the judge sent the jury out of the room to deliberate, he sharply chastised Mr Jones for assuring jurors he had complied with pre-trial evidence collection when he had not done and that he was bankrupt, which has not been determined.

Mr Jones has previously tried to financially protect Free Speech Systems, his media company. The company filed for federal bankruptcy protection last week.

The Sandy Hook families have expressed fears about a possible insolvency organization for the defendant who they say is trying to shield the millions of dollars his business has generated through shell entities.

The 48-year-old conspirator is being prosecuted in courts in Texas and Connecticut, where he suffered several legal setbacks.

In November 2021, a judge in Connecticut found that he was civilly liable and could be subject to the payment of damages. In this case, a trial is scheduled for September.

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