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European Commission recommends granting candidate status to Ukraine | War in Ukraine


The Commission recommends to the Council, firstly, to give Ukraine a European perspective and, secondly, to grant it candidate status. This, of course, provided that the country carries out a certain number of important reformsMs. von der Leyen said at a press conference.

We all know that Ukrainians are ready to die to defend their European aspirations. We want them to live with us, for the European dream. »

A quote from Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Executive

This opinion of the European Commission will be discussed at the summit on June 23 and 24. The 27 member countries of theEU will have to agree unanimously for Ukraine to officially obtain candidate status.

This is the first time that an opinion has been given in such a short time for a request for candidacy for theEU. The urgency is necessary because of the war waged by Russia in Ukraine for more than three months, as well as the aid provided by Europeans to this country to face the invasion of Moscow.

Paris, Berlin and Rome had already spoken on Thursday for the granting immediate in Kyiv of the official status of a candidate for theEU, during a visit by French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. They were joined by the Romanian president.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (left) and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron during a press conference in kyiv on June 16

Photo: Associated Press / Ludovic Marin

Fight against corruption

Membership of the European Union is, however, a dynamic process that can move forward, be stopped or go backwards. It depends on the country and our expectations are very clearwarned Ms von der Leyen.

She believes that some progress have been made in the fight against corruption in Ukraine and she stressed the importance of digitization of procedures administrative measures to combat this scourge.

According to Ms von der Leyen, the Ukrainian people elected President Volodymyr Zelensky because he wanted to fight corruption.

By the way, Ukraine passed a law against the power of the oligarchs. Mrs von der Leyen hopes that she will yield concrete results.

Recognition of candidate status will be the start of a long process which begins with the establishment by the European Commission of a pre-accession strategy. This is a support program for the reforms that are necessary for integration into theEU, along with financial assistance. The opening of official negotiations for Ukraine’s accession, which will take years, will once again require a unanimous vote of the Twenty-Seven.

Emmanuel Macron, whose country currently holds the presidency of theEUhad estimated in May that an accession of kyiv could take decades.

The European executive also gave a positive opinion on Friday on the candidacy of Moldova, another former Soviet republic. For its part, Georgia will still have to carry out reforms to obtain candidate status.

President Zelensky greets a historic decision

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was happy Friday with the recommendation made by the European Commission.

lastLeyen and to every member of the European Commission for a historic decision”,”text”:”Grateful to Ursula vonderLeyen and to every member of the European Commission for a historic decision”}}”>Grateful to Ursula von der Leyen and to every member of the European Commission for a historic decisionMr. Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

He waiting for a positive result at the European summit on 23 and 24 June.EUwhich will bring us closer [aussi] certainly victory”,”text”:”This is the first step on the road to EU membership, which will bring us closer [aussi] certainly victory”}}”>This is the first step on the way to joining theEUwhich will bring us closer [aussi] definitely victory against Russia, he noted.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kouleba, meanwhile welcomed shining proof of European leadership and a huge boost for future transformations in Ukraine. European history on the movehe said on Twitter.

The granting of candidate status will allowEUthe formation of common markets in the energy and digital sectors, the further liberalization of trade, the approximation in the customs and transport sectors”,”text”:”significantly speed up the process of entry of Ukraine in the EU internal market, the formation of common markets in the energy and digital sectors, the further liberalization of trade, the approximation in the customs and transport sectors”}}” >significantly speed up the process of Ukraine’s entry into the internal market ofEUthe formation of common markets in the energy and digital sectors, the pursuit of trade liberalisation, rapprochement in the customs and transport sectorsUkrainian Prime Minister Denys Chmygal said on Telegram.

According to Serguiï Kyslytsya, the Ukrainian ambassador to the UN,EU prevailed”,”text”:”the wisdom of EU leaders prevailed”}}”>the wisdom of the leaders of theEU prevailed in a truly historic day for Ukraine and Europe.

The European Union manipulate Ukraineaccording to Russian diplomacy

Russia has no nothing against Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday about the European Commission’s recommendation to grant candidate status to Kyiv.

We have nothing against it, it is their sovereign decision to join economic unions or not. […] It’s their business, the Ukrainian people’s businessPutin said during the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

EU is not a military alliance, unlike theNATO“,”text”:”The EU is not a military alliance, unlike NATO”}}”>L’EU is not a military alliance, unlike theNATOMr. Putin insisted.

However, he added that Ukraine will turn into a semi-colony of Western countries if it joins theEU. It’s my opinionlaunched Mr. Putin.

Earlier Friday, Russian diplomacy argued that the European Union is manipulating Ukraine with the prospect of its joining the group.

For years, the Western community has been manipulating this story of Ukraine’s involvement in its integration structures, and since then Ukraine has been going from bad to worse.said the spokesperson for Russian diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, to the various Russian agencies.

She won’t have a bright future within theEU, said Ms. Zakharova. Moreover, she described the guarantees given by Europe to Ukraine as misleading message which in practice brings no good.

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