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Europe’s cybersecurity experts gather amid war


More than 13,000 people are expected during this three-day event to exchange the latest information on the state of the computer threat and the best ways to protect against it.

% more exhibitors, at about 550, and nearly 500nspeakers, we have never been so numerous”,”text”:”We have between 15 and 20% more exhibitors, at around 550, and nearly 500nspeakers, we have never been so numerous”}} “>We have 15 to 20% more exhibitors, at around 550, and nearly 500 speakers. There have never been so many of usGuillaume Tissier, co-organizer of the FIC, told Agence France-Presse (AFP).

While cybersecurity officials held their breath at the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the conflict seems not to have spilled, for now, beyond the borders of the two belligerents as far as cyberattacks are concerned, apart from a collateral effect of the Russian attack at the beginning of the conflict on the KA-Sat satellite network, used by Ukraine.

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There have been a concentration of the Russian effort on Ukraineunderlined this week Guillaume Poupard, the director general of the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI), the French cyberdefender.

In Ukraine itself, Russian cyberattacks seem to have been contained, thanks in particular to the good state of preparation of the country and the help of Western partners, state or private, such as Microsoft.

We see a very strong resilience of Ukraine in terms of cybersecurity, which can give hope specialists who observe the conflict attentively, indicated Guillaume Poupard.

Europe, leader in cybersecurity

A round table will take place on Wednesday, bringing together several military cybersecurity leaders, including General Didier Tisseyre (France), Colonel Rene Innos (Estonia) and General Karol Molenda (Poland), and will focus on the role of cybersecurity in Conflicts high intensity.

General Tisseyre will also participate in a round table on the growing role of the European Union in cybersecurity, together with European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager and Olli Ruutu, Deputy Director General of the European Defense Agency.

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During the French presidency of the European Union (EU), which ends at the end of June, the 27 member countries reached a political agreement on the revision of the NIS cybersecurity directive, aimed at toughening the security of large European infrastructure.

The EU is debating or preparing to debate texts on the security of connected objects (Cyber ​​Resilience Act), European cybersecurity standards (Cybersecurity Act), or electronic evidence in criminal matters (E-evidence package).

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