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Exchange of threats between Moscow and Washington


Russian President Vladimir Putin promised a response on Tuesday military and technical if the Western powers did not put an end to their policies deemed to be threatening.

In the event that the very clearly aggressive line of our Western colleagues is maintained, we will take appropriate military and technical measures of retaliation.

A quote from Extract from Vladimir Putin’s speech

We have every right to, he declared in front of the elite of the army and the Ministry of Defense.

Moscow claims that the United States and theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization strengthen their presence at the Russian borders by arming Ukraine, supporting it politically, carrying out maneuvers and deploying forces in the Black Sea.

We’re on our doorstep, we can’t back down, launched Mr. Poutine.

For his part, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu accused Washington of preparing Provocation in Ukraine, in particular organizing the sending ofan undetermined chemical component on the conflict front between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists.

He added that 120 members of private military companies are in the area to train Ukrainian special forces and radical groups in combat actions.

In turn, the West accuse Russia of wanting to invade Ukraine, claiming the presence of thousands of Russian soldiers on the border with Ukraine as proof.

The Nordic countries, a region neighboring Russia, also expressed in a joint document their great concern in the face of Russian military activity at the gates of Ukraine.

The Russian president demanded that Washington give Russia guarantees by signing treaties banning any future expansion of theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Last week, Russia presented two treaties, one for the United States and the other for theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization, summarizing its demands for a de-escalation.

Soldiers in a snowy trench

Ukrainian soldiers in a trench

Photo: afp via getty images / ANATOLII STEPANOV

These texts prohibit the expansion ofNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization, in Ukraine in particular, and limit Western military cooperation in Eastern Europe and the former USSR, without imposing similar measures on Russia.

Vladimir Putin assured that he did not want a armed conflict, bloodshed and prefer a politico-diplomatic solution.

Assistant Secretary of State for Europe Karen Donfried said on Tuesday she expected dialogue on Ukraine and security in Europe to begin in January while warning Moscow that some of its demands were unacceptable.

At the same time, Americans and Europeans are threatening Moscow with unparalleled economic sanctions in the event of an offensive in Ukraine. However, they do not plan to send troops to the rescue.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, for his part, took offense at Western reluctance to set a timetable for his NATO and European Union membership.

NATO, in about fifty years “,” text “:” We cannot accept the idea (…) of (membership in) the EU in 30 years and (in) NATO, in a fifty years “}}”>We cannot accept the idea (…) of a [adhésion à] the EU in 30 years and [à] L’North Atlantic Treaty Organization, in about fifty years, he said.

Possible limitations on exports to Russia

Quoting a US official, Reuters reports that President Joe Biden’s administration is considering instituting strict export controls to Russia in order to disrupt its economy if President Putin decides to invade Ukraine.

These measures would come in addition to the economic sanctions that Washington says it is prepared to impose against Russia in the event of an offensive against Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden

Photo: Reuters / KEVIN LAMARQUE

Earlier this month, Joe Biden warned his Russian counterpart that economic measures of unprecedented magnitude would be taken against Russia in the event of a military escalation against Ukraine. For its part, the Kremlin denies any plan to invade and assures that Russian troops are present for defensive purposes.

According to Reuters source, White House is discussing measures in particular extraordinary export controls that could drain swathes of Russian technology sectors.

These measures could hamper Russia’s ability to import smartphones, critical parts for aviation and automobiles.

The impact could be resounding for Russian consumers, industrial operations and jobs, the source added.

The possible implementation of these measures would be through tools used by the administration of former President Donald Trump, then by the Biden administration, to prevent the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei from acquiring semiconductors from point.

Washington is working with its allies in Europe and Asia to coordinate efforts against Russia.

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