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Facebook shunned by two-thirds of teens in the United States


The share of 13- to 17-year-olds who visit Facebook has dropped from 71% in 2015 to 32% in 2022, the research center found.

TikTok, for its part, is used sometimes by 67% of American teens, and almost constantly by 16%.

popular short videos

The mobile application of the Chinese group ByteDance was only launched internationally in 2017, but its short and captivating videos, sorted according to the tastes of each Internet user by powerful algorithms, are enjoying phenomenal success, amplified by the lockdowns during the pandemic.

The platform is in fierce competition with other social networks, which have had to adapt so as not to give up too much ground.

Its video format has thus been imitated by Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, in particular) and YouTube (Google), with Reels and Shorts, respectively.

YouTube tops the list

However, YouTube wins the prize: 95% of teenagers say they use it.

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Instagram has grown from 52% to 62% of users aged 13 to 17 (since 2015), and Snapchat is close behind the platform with 59% for this age group, compared to 41% seven years ago.

People have many choices to pass the time. And apps like TikTok are growing really fast. »

A quote from Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta

The social networking giant presented unflattering results last February, after losing users for the first time on its flagship platform, Facebook.

Entertainment or social network?

TikTok, for its part, believes that it is not playing in the same court.

We are an entertainment platformBlake Chandlee, a senior enforcement official, said in an interview with CNBC in June.

Facebook is a social platform, added the leader, who spent 12 years at Facebook. Their core business is their algorithms based on social relations.

Instagram recently went through a controversy, when celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner shared a petition calling on the social network to become instagram again and to stop trying to be TikToka message widely applauded and relayed by other Internet users.

Critics notably criticize the platform for placing too much emphasis on the videos and content of creators and creators recommended by the algorithm, even if they are not part of the accounts followed by these Internet users.

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