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Fall of rocks in Brazil: the death toll rises to 10 dead


At this point the death ofpeople “,” text “:” 10persons “}} ‘>10 people has been confirmed, the regional police officer in Passos, Marcos de Souza Pimenta, told reporters. The victims, Brazilian, were between 14 and 68 years old, according to the first elements of the investigation.

The last two people still missing were found dead on Sunday by the emergency services. The body of a third missing was found by firefighters on Saturday.

A previous report, communicated by the firefighters, reported seven dead and three missing in addition to 32 injured.

Among the injured, nine were hospitalized, according to the firefighters who intervened on the spot with various equipment and a brigade of divers.

Tourist site in Brazil where several people were killed on Saturday.

Debris from boats where a rock broke away from the wall.


At midday on Saturday, a large fragment of rock broke away from its wall and fell on three boats sailing on Furnas Lake, a site popular for its green waters and spectacular parade of rock walls.

In dramatic footage posted on social media, we can see the exact moment when the rock mass breaks away and falls on the three boats, sowing panic among passengers who witness the scene on other boats.

In other recordings, just before the drama we see people issuing warnings saying that a lot of stones are falling and calling on the occupants of the boats to move away from the wall.

President Jair Bolsonaro shared some of these videos on social media, praising the work of the Brazilian Navy which, as soon as the unfortunate catastrophe occurred, traveled to the site and worked to rescue the victims and transport the injured.

The intense rains that have fallen in recent days in southeastern Brazil have favored the accident, according to firefighters.

The Capitolio region, 300 kilometers from the capital, Belo Horizonte, attracts many tourists with its rock faces, canyon and waterfalls that enclose Furnas Lake, formed by a hydroelectric reservoir of the same name.

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