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Fight a hangover when you have abused alcohol …


The tips of the three musketeers

Another tip, never take in air. If we’re in the car, we’re going to say to ourselves: we’re going to take a little breath of fresh air. It increases drunkenness a lot.

A quote from Chantal Lamarre, 2000

The three musketeers, March 20, 2000

On March 20, 2000, the co-hosts Chantal Lamarre, Gaston Lepage and Louis-Georges Girard of the program The three Musketeers are seated with actor Patrice Godin.

Chantal Lamarre then leads a very educational discussion on the means to stop a scourge of too alcoholic parties, the dreaded hangover.

Chantal Lamarre and her colleagues list several tips that have been used over time or in certain cultures.

Let’s say it right off the bat, some are absolutely absurd and ineffective.

Among these, hanging an amethyst on the chest or placing a flowerpot on your head in the sun and waiting for the water inside to evaporate. It seems that it takes away the bad hair …

Other tips turn out to be better advice.

Taking a spoonful of oil to waterproof your stomach seems to work.

The medically proven trick is to drink water, though, because alcohol dehydrates the body.

The lionesses stuff

On January 10, 2012, Chantal Lamarre did it again in another program.

The lionesses, January 10, 2012

She shares, with her co-hosts Sophie Faucher, Marie Laberge and Suzanne Lévesque from the show The lionesses, some stuff from a book, The Hungover Cookbook, by Milton Crawford.

Some of the hangover tips in this cookbook are more psychological.

Milton Crawford, underlines Chantal Lamarre, thus suggests to those whom alcohol makes sad and anxious to immerse themselves in the action the day after the day before.

Other recommendations are more of a dietary nature, continues Chantal Lamarre.

A vivid example: Elvis Presley’s sandwich recipe.

It is quite simple: peanut butter, banana slices and honey to which we add slices of bacon, in fried bread.

The co-hosts who accompany Chantal Lamarre seem far from being convinced.

If you want to avoid fat, adopt a recipe that comes from China instead: water, lemon juice, honey and vinegar. Singers would also use this recipe to rekindle dead voices.

Vincent Bolduc’s tips

Main entrance, September 23, 2013

Vincent Bolduc, columnist on the show Main entrance, for its part, on September 23, 2013, gives us a little more scientific advice.

He explains, for example, why we feel so bad when we have a hangover. The body is dehydrated and the organs lack water.

This is particularly the case with the brain, the meninges of which contract. It causes headaches. So, to recover, you have to drink … water.

Foods, such as honey or maple syrup, will also help increase the level of glucose in the blood.

Drinking vegetable juices will help to recover the minerals lost during alcohol consumption.

On the other hand, clear alcohols are less damaging than colored ones because they do not contain certain substances, such as zinc, which intensify hangovers.

Avoid whiskey, brandy and dark rum if possible.

Also avoid drinks with bubbles which increase the hangover effect.

Also, refrain from taking acetaminophens (such as Tylenol) which stimulate the liver.

Obviously, the sovereign remedy is still moderate alcohol consumption.

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