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Fighting continues in Donbass, civilians flee | War in Ukraine


In the Donetsk region, Russian shelling continues unabated, regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko said in a television interview.

According to him, Russian troops undertook the final step of their regrouping, before the assault anticipated for several days already in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

In Mariupol, a port city besieged for 40 days where the resistance seemed to be coming to an end on Monday, the fighting continues day and nightfurther reports Mr. Kyrylenko.

The governor, however, indicated that the Ukrainian forces have not almost no more contact with the city, where around 21,000 civilians were killed, according to the latest report provided Tuesday by its mayor, but which cannot be verified from an independent source.

Ukrainian soldiers are surrounded and pinned down in Mariupol, where dozens of thousands people died and 90% of homes were destroyed, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak wrote on Twitter.

Three men work to load ammunition into an armored vehicle.

Pro-Russian fighters load ammunition into an armored vehicle on Tuesday in Mariupol.


The last Ukrainian fighters are entrenched in the Azovstal metallurgical complex, and in the Azovmash plant, which once produced railway equipment, cranes and other heavy metallurgical products.

According to AFP sources, their resistance could be partly explained by the fact that they can hide in a vast network of tunnels dug under the installations.

Evacuations continue in Sloviansk

In Sloviansk, people are evacuated somehow by train, at the rate of two or three departures per day. Buses also evacuate civilians.

According to station manager Svetlana Biletska, 2,700 people were evacuated on Sunday and another 1,100 followed on Monday. A first train carrying 300 people was to leave the station at 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

Since the attack on Kramatorsk station, which killed 57 people last Friday, all evacuations by train in the region have been from Sloviansk, located about ten kilometers further north.

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The front is only about 50 km to the north, east and south, and the possibility that it will approach in the coming days raises fears that Kramatorsk and Sloviansk will be caught in a pincer movement.

Several people, many of them children, are walking carrying luggage.

Families prepare to board a train on Tuesday at Sloviansk station.


Valentina Oleynikova, an 82-year-old woman who is leaving with her husband, does not hide her anger at the turn of events, which she blames on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

All my parents are from Russia, I was born there. My father and my mother too. I have family all over Russia. Here in the Donbass and Kramatorsk live people of all nationalities […] Where did he see Nazis? »

A quote from Valentina Oleynikova

What is happening is inhuman, [Vladimir Poutine] is a fascist. I don’t know what to call it. A devil incarnate. […] Now we learn that there is a 12 kilometer convoy ready to attack the Donbass. They are inhuman!she added.

400 civilians buried in Severodonetsk

In Severodonetsk, a few kilometers east of Sloviansk, around 400 civilians have been buried since the start of the war, the governor of the Luhansk region, Sergiï Gaïdaï, said on Tuesday in a message published on Telegram. He did not state the cause of death, but said they were buried in individual graves.

In the neighboring town of Lysychansk, on the other hand, the dead are buried in mass gravesadded Mr. Gaïdaï.

Morgues in towns controlled (by Ukraine) are overflowing with civilian bodies. Electricity is intermittent or non-existent. Bodies are also in the basements of buildings. »

A quote from Sergiï Gaïdaï, governor of the Luhansk region

According to Mr. Gaïdaï, the deceased are buried as soon as possible, thanks to breaks in the bombardments.

A soldier near the wreckage of a vehicle, in front of a heavily damaged building.

A Ukrainian commander near a destroyed military vehicle on Tuesday near Barvinkove, a village a few kilometers west of Sloviansk.

Photo: Reuters/MARKO DJURICA

The governor added that the situation was also very complicated remains precarious in two other towns located on the front line, Popasna and Rubizhne, which are partially occupied and where the evacuation of the bodies is impossible.

Due to the shelling, in some areas the bodies lie in the streetshe said.

Other bodies found in kyiv

Around kyiv, the Ukrainian authorities also continue to discover corpses in localities abandoned by the Russian troops who still occupied them a few days earlier.

According to the Ukrainian general prosecutor’s office, the bodies of six people shot and killed were found in the basement of a house in an eastern suburb of kyiv, from which the Russian army withdrew at the end of March.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the military of the Russian Federation murdered civilians in the village of Shevchenkovo, in the Brovary district, near Kyivcommented the prosecution on Telegram.

A man's body is exhumed by three locals, who pull his remains out of a hole.

The body of a man is exhumed by three inhabitants of Andriivka.

Photo: dpa via getty images / SERGEI SUPINSKY

In the suburb of Boutcha, the Ukrainian authorities have so far found the bodies of 403 people killed, according to them, by the Russian forces, announced Tuesday the mayor of the city, Anatoli Fedoruk.

In Andriïvka, a village 30 km west of kyiv which was still on the front line a few weeks ago, AFP journalists also witnessed the exhumation of the bodies of three men dressed as civilians .

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