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Find the lookalike of your cat through the history of art thanks to AI


In 2018, Google’s Art Selfie software allowed Internet users to find their duplicate in a work of art, using a selfie. The tool had gone viral, receiving some 120 million requests, and had raised questions about privacy.

A self-portrait of actor Kumail Nanjiani next to a portrait of a young man painted by Mohammed Al Mazrouie.

Actor Kumail Nanjiani posted this photo to Twitter with the words, “This one’s not too bad!” “

Photo: Kumail Nanjiani / Barjeel Art Foundation / Twitter

But now your dog, cat, fish, bird, reptile, horse or rabbit will be able to participate in the same exercise of comparison through tens of thousands of works of establishments around the world, such as museums and art galleries.

Your animal companion could be paired with ancient Egyptian figurines, Mexican street art, Chinese watercolors, listed in a blog post Michelle Luo, product manager of Google Arts & Culture.

The instructions

To find your pet’s lookalike, you first open the Google Arts & Culture app on an Android or iOS device. We then go to the rainbow camera tab at the bottom of the screen, then we take a photo of his four-legged beast (or two!). Internet users can also download an image from their personal gallery on their smartphone.

The artificial intelligence then does its work, by first recognizing the location of the animal in the image. Then, the machine learning algorithm scans its catalog of artwork to find the animal that most resembles it.

The comparison images can be exported in several formats, including animated GIF and JPEG. Internet users interested in the history of art can also learn more about paintings, sculptures and other works featuring animals, whether they are fictional or realistic.

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