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Fire threatens giant sequoias in Yosemite Park, California


The fire, which reached Mariposa Grove, the park’s most prized area because it contains hundreds of the world’s tallest redwoods,hectares and nothing can stop it”,”text”:”currently covers 644hectares and nothing can stop it”}}”>currently covers 644 hectares and nothing stops itsaid the park, noting that 360 firefighters were mobilized.

One of the teams prepares the Grizzly Giant – the most famous and spectacular giant sequoia in the park – as it approaches the flames by continuously watering it.

feet (64m), it is the second tallest in Yosemite”,”text”:”At 209 feet (64m), it is the second tallest in Yosemite”}}”>At 209 feet (64 m), it is the second tallest in Yosemitespecifies the park, which disseminates the measures taken to protect it on social networks.

Giant Sequoias are some of the most fire resistant trees and have been able to survive for thousands of years.

On the other hand, extreme drought and forest fires, which now last much longer, can damage them. This is how 10,000 of them – about 14% of the total number of redwoods in the world – perished in 2020 in a large fire.

Given the burning conditions and the wildfires that are being talked about, we expect to have another very tough four, five or six monthshad warned in June one of the leaders of the firefighters of California, Brian Fennessy.

This area of ​​Yosemite Park has been largely redeveloped and reopened in 2018.

People at the foot of a gigantic tree

Visitors near the Grizzly Giant sequoia in Yosemite Park on May 21, 2018

Photo: dpa via getty images/David McNew

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