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First text message in history sells non-fungible token Canadian for $ 156,000


On December 3, 1992, the first SMS in history was sent by the operator Vodafone. This text message was auctioned Tuesday as a non-fungible token (JNF, or, in English, NFT, for non-fungible token) for $ 156,000 ($ 195,000 including auction costs) during a sale organized by the Maison Aguttes, in France.

The buyer, whose detailed identity is not known, is Canadian and works in the field of new technologies. He is now the exclusive owner of a unique digital replica of the original communication protocol that transmitted this SMS.

Received at the time by Richard Jarvis, a Vodafone collaborator, the text message consists of 15 characters to sayMerry christmas“,” text “:” Merry Christmas “}}”>Merry christmas (Merry Christmas).

The operator Vodafone had previously indicated that it would pay the proceeds of the sale to HCR, the United Nations agency for refugees.

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JNF is a new type of digital asset, like cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which uses blockchain technology (blockchain in English), an authentication directory shared between a multitude of people. A JNF is unique and cannot be exchanged for an equivalent.

A hen that lays golden eggs

Among those in the hall where the auction was held was Luigi Caradonna, an 18-year-old Swiss entrepreneur who started a blockchain-based video game company. However, he abandoned the JNF when the auction exceeded $ 110,000.

I thought to myself that it would be interesting to have this piece of history, to keep it as active until next year and to sell it again next Christmas., he explained to Agence France-Presse.

Almost unknown a year ago, the JNFs represent for many the new goose that lays golden eggs on the contemporary art market. In just a few months, they have become auction house staples, fetching prices in the millions of dollars. The record transaction goes to a digital work by American artist Beeple, which sold for $ 90 million in March at Christie’s.

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