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Flight PS752: an organization calls for a boycott of Iranian airlines


Canada and its allies want Iran to accept responsibility for the crash of an airliner shot down by its armed forces two years ago.

A device from the company Ukrainian International Airlines was shot dead by Iranian forces on January 8, 2020, near Tehran airport. More than 100 of the 176 people killed in the crash had ties to Canada, including 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents.

According toFoundation for Defense of Democracies, the United States should target the money that airlines pay Iran for the use of its airspace.

Its vice president of government relations, Toby Dershowitz, says Iran lost about $ 96 million in airline revenue in 2020, a 50% drop from the previous year.

If these revenues were targeted with a coordinated boycott, it would open up another path to convince Iran to accept responsibility for the tragedy.

A quote from Toby Dershowitz, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

The Biden administration, in liaison with Canada and the UK, should consider setting up an escrow account into which money paid by airlines to Iran would be deposited until the regime has demonstrated that ‘he was complying with his international obligations, she suggests.

The money would be returned to Iran when authorities transparently answer questions, properly identify those responsible and implement new security measures, she suggests.

Ms Dershowitz had suggested this strategy in an article published last week in Tea Hill, a newspaper working in Washington DC She had asked that the American ambassador Chesley Sullenberger lead the file to theICAO.

American intervention requested

Veteran of theUS Air Force, Mr. Sullenberger is the pilot who had managed to land an Airbus 320 on the Hudson River near New York 10 years ago. Joe Biden recently appointed him to theICAO.

A spokesperson forICAO indicated to The Hurry canadian that the agency did not have a mandate to take a hard line against Iran over the PS752 tragedy. The spokesperson added that under international law, only one country can hold another country to account, including through economic sanctions.

If the United States formally presents such a proposal, the other member countries of theICAO will be able to examine it […] our agency does not have the capacity or the mission to punish or reprimand countries that violate international aviation standards, replied theICAO.

Global Affairs Canada, the federal body for managing diplomatic relations, says the government continues to work jointly with Britain, Sweden and Ukraine to hold Iran to account.

Our demands go beyond financial compensation, said spokesman Jason Kung, without going into the details of Canada’s legal strategy vis-à-vis Iran.

Mr. Kung adds that Canada and its allies have exerted pressure on Iran in theICAO, at the United Nations Assembly and the United Nations Human Rights Council. We work closely with the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions [de l’Organisation des Nations unies] in Iran, he concludes.

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