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Fox News star Chris Wallace quits the channel


After 18 years, I decided to leave Fox. I want to try my hand at something new, beyond politics and meeting all my interests, Wallace said at the end of his featured show, Fox News Sunday, which will therefore remain its last edition.

Moderation of two presidential debates

I’m ready for a new adventure, added the 74-year-old man, without further clarification. He recalled having interviewed all the presidents of the United States since George Bush Sr., as well as some foreign heads of state including Emmanuel Macron.

In 2016, Chris Wallace became the first Fox reporter to moderate a debate between the two presidential candidates, in this case Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. He had drawn praise from both camps for his performance.

Four years later, he had repeated the exercise, moderating the first debate of the presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Son of a star reporter

Recognized for his professionalism, this former correspondent at the White House, passed by the NBC and ABC channels, has something to do with: his father Mike Wallace, who was a reporter on the cult CBS show 60 minutes, famous for the pugnacity of his questions.

But Chris only knew this father as a teenager, having been raised in his youth by his mother and stepfather, former CBS president Bill Leonard.

A graduate of the prestigious Harvard University, always calm in his interviews, Chris Wallace is a past master in the art of sharp and insistent questions, not hesitating to sometimes pour into confrontation.

Confrontations with Trump, Putin

Donald Trump has paid the price several times, the veteran Fox News reporter on occasion lying those who accused the channel of offering unwavering support to the Republican billionaire.

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Chris Wallace has also received numerous awards in his career, including an Emmy for an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018. He had notably asked him about the sudden and brutal deaths of several political opponents.

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