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France: first rally under tension of the far-right candidate Éric Zemmour


This gathering in Villepinte, in the Paris region, takes place five days after an announcement of the tumultuous candidacy of the former polemicist, whose official slogan, unveiled on Saturday is: Impossible is not French, expression attributed to Napoleon.

Mr. Zemmour, 63, intends to perform a show of force to prove that he has carried out his moult from a former televised pamphleteer to a credible candidate, likely to challenge outgoing President Emmanuel Macron and capture the voices of the right, led by Valérie Pécresse, and of the far right of Marine Le Pen.

It’s absolutely crazy, assures theAFP Antoine Diers, the spokesperson for the Friends of Eric Zemmour, who hopes that his candidate will bring together more than 10,000 people.

A campaign manager, Olivier Ubéda, claims to have identified 19,000 registered for this mobilization meeting. Initially planned in a Parisian venue, the gathering was moved to the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte, north of Paris. Because of enthusiasm, but also for security reasons, a demonstration being planned in Paris.

About fifty trade unions, parties and associations called for demonstrations on Sunday in Paris to silence the far-right candidate, twice convicted of inciting racial and religious hatred, and whose program is based on the rejection of immigration and Islam.

Demonstration and gathering “at risk”

From a police source, the demonstration and the gathering at the Parc des Expositions are considered at risk.

The police are expecting a few thousand people in Paris and around a hundred ultra-left activists in Villepinte where they fear clashes with pro-Zemmour activists.

The socialist president of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, Stéphane Troussel, for his part launched a petition to cancel the rally.

This gathering will be carefully scrutinized, given the astonishing and controversial career of Eric Zemmour. The polemicist, who made a false suspense about his candidacy last for months and led an unofficial campaign under the guise of a literary tour, has made a meteoric breakthrough in the polls since the start of the school year.

Some even qualified him in the second round in front of Marine Le Pen, traditional leader of the far right. But his star has seemed to fade in recent weeks, and from slippages to provocations, the candidate has lost support and points in the polls.

His declaration of candidacy, a dramatic 10-minute video in which, imitating General de Gaulle, he declares that he wants save France against the backdrop of nostalgic archive footage, and scenes of contemporary urban riots, was judged to be of apocalyptic darkness and decried by the entire political class.

Several personalities and media, includingAFP, also lambasted the use – without their consent – of their images in the video of the candidacy announcement.

The name of the party, to which membership will be chargeable, as well as the candidate’s logo, will be unveiled during the meeting, which will also make it possible to observe the rallies.

The Villepinte meeting takes place the day after the nomination of the candidate of the republican right (LR), Valérie Pécresse, president of the Paris region who won in front of the very right-hander Éric Ciotti, sometimes close to the theses of Mr. Zemmour . The latter also called on the disappointed among LR voters to join him. We have so much in common, he wrote to them on Saturday in an open letter.

Eric Zemmour’s perilous entry into the campaign follows trips that were already disrupted, such as in London where he had to change rooms, in Geneva where several hundred demonstrators protested against his arrival, or even in Marseille, a trip that took place. ended with an exchange of fingers of honor with an opponent.

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