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French justice is investigating Nicolas Hulot, accused of rape by several women


At least six women, including one underage at the time of the facts, implicate Nicolas Hulot, regularly classified favorite personality of the French by an annual survey.

In a 62-minute report aired Thursday evening on the investigative program Correspondent, on the public channel France 2, three of them testified, including two with their faces uncovered.

Sylvia says she was sexually assaulted in 1989, at the age of 16, by Nicolas Hulot, in the latter’s car, after being invited to attend a program he then hosted in Paris on public radio.

Cécile recounts for her part to have repelled in 1998, in a taxi in Moscow, the assaults of the ex-host of the famous program on the environment Ushuaia, who has him touched breasts, crotch, when she was 23 years old.

The Paris prosecutor announced the opening of this investigation without a complaint having been filed.

It follows a habit taken by the Paris prosecutor’s office for a few years as soon as a minor victim is mentioned, which is the case in this case, in particular to check if there are no others.

The investigations, entrusted to the brigade for the protection of minors, will aim to determine whether the facts denounced may characterize a criminal offense and whether, in view of their seniority, the limitation period for public action has been acquired, said the prosecutor.

A third woman, who says she worked with him in 2001, says he kissed her full mouth by surprise, after a business meeting.

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The televised investigation also includes the testimony of environmental activist Claire Nouvian and returns to the rape complaint filed in 2008 by Pascale Mitterrand, granddaughter of former French President François Mitterrand (1981-1995), whose revelation had made a lot of noise at the beginning of 2018 before being closed without follow-up.

At the Paris prosecutor’s office, one of the prosecutors statutorily responsible for overseeing this new investigation is the one who closed the 2008 investigation.

Two other women, the former television host Maureen Dor and a former employee of the private channel TF1, also transmitted to the show Correspondent written testimonies on facts of which they accuse Nicolas Hulot.

Nicolas Hulot denies

The day before the report was broadcast, President Emmanuel Macron’s former Minister of Ecological Transition (2017-2018) formally denied these accusations of sexual assault and announced that he was leaving definitively public life, to protect those close to them and their foundation from the fallout lynching.

I am ashamed that Nicolas Hulot preempted the media space to reverse perspectives and take the role of victim. His unworthiness, his cowardice, his posture, these are the real “dirt”, Claire Nouvian wrote on Friday in a column published in the daily The world.

Lawyer Alain Jakubowicz, who defends the former host with Jacqueline Laffont, welcomed the opening of an investigation.

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I obviously prefer this framework of the investigation, of the police and justice authorities registered within a framework of law, that the trial made on television channels with the conviction to the key., did he declare. The problem, of course, is that this survey […], we already know the legal outcome, it is that there is a limitation.

In France, since a recent law, the statute of limitations for rape is 20 years, and 30 years for rapes having been committed against minors from the age of majority of the victim.

Poignant testimonies

What I saw yesterday are poignant testimonies, even chilling for some, which remind us of the need for justice to be able to do its job.French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said.

A position that contrasts with that of many members of the government in 2018, when the rape complaint of Pascale Mitterrand was unveiled.

According to the spokesperson at the time, there was support for the rule of law, for the presumption of innocence.

Attal, there are additional testimonies that are added which were not known at the time. “,” Text “:” Today, Mr Attal ruled, there are additional testimonies which come to light. add, which were not known at the time. “}}”>Today, Mr. Attal ruled, additional testimony is added, which was not known at the time.

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