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Gameloft releases Montreal-designed soundtracks for several of its video games


The French multinational of mobile video games Gameloft has uploaded the soundtracks of some of its most popular titles, including The Oregon Trail and those of the Asphalt series. All this music was created by the audio team of the company’s Montreal studio.

Gameloft has grouped them into two compilations available for streaming or download: High Scores: Music from Gameloft GamesHave (New window)Have and The Oregon Trail: Music from the Gameloft GameHave (New window)Have.

For the first one, it is about 17 titles taken from some of the most famous and beloved mobile games, including pieces that accompany games in the Asphalt series, which have exceeded one billion downloads, according to a statement from Gameloft.

Remixing these tracks is like stepping back in time, said Vincent Labelle, senior musical composer in the audio team at Gameloft Montreal. It was a pleasure to take these pieces and embellish them for the pleasure of listening.

Considering that much of this music was written for older devices with limited audio capabilities, it’s refreshing to hear how well it has stood the test of time.

Another Montreal creator, Nicolas Dubé, composed the 15 titles that rocked the ears of fans of the game. The Oregon Trail.

This release aims to mark the 50th anniversary of the video game series, the first of which dates back to December 3, 1971.

Gameloft was created in 1999 by Michel Guillemot, co-founder of Ubisoft. The company’s Montreal studio opened in 2000 and today has around 500 staff.

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