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Gaming Mouse Pioneer Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff Passes Away


We are saddened by the passing of Razer Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus Robert Krakoff, known to all as RazerGuy. Robert’s unwavering drive and passion for video games endures and continues to inspire us all. Thank you Rob, we will miss youcan we read in a tweet published on the Razer Twitter account.

Robert Krakoff leaves a rich legacy to video game enthusiasts, as he was one of the people who worked on the Razer BoomSlang, the very first mouse for them, created in 1999 by the Kärna company, for which he worked, in partnership with marketing agency Fitch, which created Razer’s brand identity.

This machine, capable of following the movements of the hand with superior precision and sensitivity, also laid the foundations to officially create Razer, in 2005, one of the first companies for video game accessories. Robert Krakoff embarked on the adventure with Min-Liang Tan in 2005, the latter still being the CEO of Razer today.

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It is with immense sadness that I learned of the passing of my dear friend, mentor, co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Razer, Robert Krakoff. I will miss you Robhe posted on Facebook, along with some photos.

Razer’s face

Robert Krakoff quickly became the face of Razer, as each company accessory was packaged in a cardboard box with a picture of him and his nickname on the back. RazerGuyand his personal email address.

He also often responded to fans, according to what reports the specialized site The Verge. He has also made his mark over the years by accepting invitations to interviews conducted by journalists who were just starting out.

Multiple interests

On Robert Krakoff’s Facebook page, we learn that he studied journalism at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), a university for which he also played football, which led him to a career as a five years on the same city Rams team.

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This could explain Robert Krakoff’s interest in fitness. In particular, he wrote a blog with his wife on nutrition and fitness for the elderly. He also founded the company MindFX Science, which sells energy drinks and dietary supplements for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The businessman also had literary ambitions. He has notably authored, in the last decade, a dozen books of different literary genres, ranging from science fiction to black comedy.

He is survived by his wife, Dr. Patsi Krakoff, his two children and five grandchildren, as well as a large community of players.

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