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Gang of devs resumes service and adopts the name L’Extension


To mark this return, Guillaume Leroy, vice-president and co-founder of L’Extension, and his team had planned to present a procession of workers from the video game industry – all trades combined – at the Pride parade which was to take place to be held on Sunday in Montreal.

The objective was to send a clear message: We want to do our part in society by bringing more diversity to video games.

The video game industry has not had good press in recent years, in particular due to a lack of inclusiveness and a toxic climate that prevailed in certain studios.

Yes, some bad things have happened, but it’s not in the whole industry. Many of us also want to change mentalities and include more diversity in games.insists the co-founder of L’Extension.

What was to mark the start of L’Extension finally turned into a great disappointment for the association, which had managed to recruit more than 200 people to parade on René-Lévesque Boulevard on Sunday. The parade was canceled at the last minute by Montreal Pride due to lack of personnel.

We were proud to organize something important to bring people back to the fore. It’s a lot of energy that we lost. »

A quote from Guillaume Leroy

These efforts will not have been in vain: the money raised to participate in the Pride parade will be redirected to Fondation Émergence, an organization that implements actions for the LGBTQ2+ community within companies.

At L’Extension, all that remains is to roll up our sleeves and set in motion the construction sites surrounding its launch.

Gain in maturity

The Extension intends to continue the initial mission of Gang de devs, which aims to create a bridge between video game studios and graduates interested in the industry. It works in parallel with La Guilde québécoise du jeu vidéo, which focuses on video game companies.

The association wishes gain in maturity by pushing its battlefield further, in particular by also playing a role with people who are well established in the video game world.

[Après l’embauche vient] integration, where we ask ourselves what our place is and where we want to discover the industry and all its possibilities, emphasizes Guillaume Leroy. Then, you have to guide people who want continue to invest, give back to the community with mentoring, for example, to develop our industryhe adds.

We want to serve as a springboard for people, regardless of their minority. »

A quote from Guillaume Leroy

The association, whose new motto is inclusiveness, also wants to encourage people to get involved in shaping the industry in their own way, whether by launching projects or by getting involved in committees already established by the organization.

We want people to understand that we are an association, an NPO [organisme à but non lucratif]and that if there is something they would like to see within the community, The Extension can serve as a platform to help them [à mettre l’idée en place]says Guillaume Leroy.

We already have a battle plan, and we keep an ear out to know people’s expectationsadds the vice-president.

A first event

The Extension wastes no time getting to work: it has planned a first networking event (New window) on August 16 to help the sixty people from the Ludia Games studio in Montreal who have lost their jobs in the last few days.

The studio was recently bought by the American Jam City (Cookie Jam, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery), which dismissed 17% of its workforce on Thursday.

It is an emergency plan for all the people who have been laid off. […] We invite recruiters from all studios, as well as pros who have a network to share, to help themmentions the vice-president of the association.

Every time we see a studio close, we’ll set up a networking event so people can bounce back. »

A quote from Guillaume Leroy

The organization has also planned a first recurring event in September, with conferences whose theme has yet to be determined.

Asked about the idea of ​​participating in a possible parade organized by Montreal Pride this year, Guillaume Leroy replied in the negative: Trust is broken.

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